AdWords Training

 Not anyone can create perfect Google AdWords campaigns and run a great business. Fortunately we have the ability to help you to equip yourself for your doing online business. Sign up now and we can help you to grasp this comprehensive application science to build and manage your campaigns completely.


AdWords fundamentals.
Build your first campaign, set up goals, account structure and AdWords Editor.

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Advanced AdWords.
Optimize campaigns, display advertising and take your online advertising to the next level.

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KEYWORD ANALYSIS: Every business / keyword space is unique and requires an individualized approach. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of keywords, grouped by theme are possible. We can build an extensive list or focus on small niches depending on your budget and needs!

PROFESSIONALLY WRITTEN AD COPY: The Ad is the first thing a potential customer sees about your company. If poorly written, it will have a negative effect on campaign performance and possibly your company’s reputation. We continuously monitor and manage your ads to keep relevent and fresh material in front of your audience.

TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE: It’s definately a full-time job just keeping up-to-date and determining how to apply this knowledge to the campaigns. The introduction of Google Call Tracking, Google Remarketing, and major enhancements to the Google Display Network have completely changed how we design and manage our campaigns.

Your dedicated Account Manager will monitor and manage all of your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns. Primary services include:

-Data Collection and Analysis
-Campaign Optimization
-Keyword optimization, additions, and deletions
-Adjustments to keyword bids
-Continuous split-testing of ad copy
-Continuous split-testing of landing pages
-“Quality Score” optimization
-Expansion of your campaigns to additional search engines and traffic sources beyond the “Big 3″
-Market Surveillance (keeping an eye on the competition)
-Monthly Reports & Analyses

Daily Research:

-What keywords are the most profitable?
-Are there new keywords we should add? Delete?
-How much should we pay for a given keyword?
-What Ad Copy converts the best?
-What Landing Pages convert the best?
-Should we recommend adjustments to your offerings or new website content?
-What can we do to help grow your business?