The final course in the Analytics series is focused on implementing Google Analytics and configuring it to fit your organization’s needs. If you want to learn how to use and customize the Google Analytics tracking code, how to track advanced elements like Flash or AJAX, how to launch A/B tests on your website, and how to push Google Analytics to its limits, this is the analytics seminar for you.


Google Analytics 301 is all about learning how Google Analytics actually works, and how to customize the way it works. You’ll learn:

  • The high level architecture of Google Analytics as an analytics product
  • How to install and modify the Google Analytics tracking code for various scenarios
  • How to extend the capabilities of Google Analytics with features like custom variables, event tracking, e-commerce, and more
  • How to create data filters and profiles for custom purposes
  • Advanced goal and e-commerce setup
  • How to set up and launch A/B tests using Google’s new Content Experiments feature


  • Handling Cross-Domain Tracking and Subdomain Tracking
  • Configuration and Administration of Google Analytics
  • Cleaning Up Your Data with Filters
  • Content Experiments (A/B tests)
  • Event Tracking & Virtual Pageviews
  • Advanced Goals and E-Commmerce
  • Custom Variables
  • Wrap-up and Q&A