If you’re just getting started with Google AdWords or could use a refresher on the fundamentals, then this is the seminar for you. Our new hands-on Google AdWordstraining focuses on how AdWords works, how to create and structure your account, and how to create a campaign from start to finish. Quizzes and real-world examples using live accounts help make the learning tangible and stick. This course is ideal for anyone who needs to clean up campaigns or start them from scratch.

NEW! Given the growth of Bing search usage, and the compelling cost advantages, we now include an hour of Bing training at the end of each day. Learn the basics of how to reach 20% more visitors.



This Google AdWords course will cover:

  • Understanding what online advertising is and where AdWords fits in
  • How Quality Score works and why it’s so important in the AdWords auction
  • How to structure your account, campaigns and ad groups to position yourself for success
  • How to research, identify and refine the keywords and match types you’ll be bidding on
  • Tips for writing great text ads that will stand out from the competition
  • Creating your first campaign and targeting users by geography, language, device, and even day of week and time of day
  • Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Cost per Impression (CPM) bid types
  • How to manage your account with the AdWords Editor
  • Understanding the reporting features of AdWords and leveraging key user interface components
  • Tracking conversions and measuring ROI from your campaigns

  • Bing: account basics, keyword selection, ad set-up and how to bid


This course assumes no prior knowledge of AdWords. While having an account is not a prerequisite, past attendees have found it helpful to have an AdWords account and some experience in the interface prior to attending.


  • Introduction to Online Advertising
  • Fundamentals of AdWords
  • Structuring Your AdWords Account for Success
  • Developing Keyword Lists
  • Writing Great Ads
  • Creating Your AdWords Account
  • Creating Your First Campaign
  • Working with the User Interface
  • Tracking Performance
  • Getting more bang for your Bing: the basics of Bing advertising