Can You Do PPC Yourself?

In a nutshell you can. But  A Google Adwords Campaign in the wrong hands can be dangerous.

Learn Why You Should Leave PPC Management To The Experts?


All the major search engines have tools in place to allow anyone to start a PPC campaign. That doesn’t mean that you should though. There are endless tutorials and articles out there that tell you exactly how to set up a pay per click campaign. You may think to yourself this is a great way to save money on management fees. With some research you too can create a campaign and have it run this afternoon. But beware! Often people learn just enough to be dangerous.

Learn How To Do PPC Yourself

These days through YouTube University you can learn pretty much anything. Somewhere out there is at least one 13 year old making a video teaching you how to edit a movie on your MacBook, or a handyman showing you how to replace an alternator on a ’95 Corolla. Yes you can probably do it, in many cases reasonably well. There are however professional serivces for a reason. They live and breathe their craft. They know the in’s and out’s of a business, technology, or art. For simple tasks figuring out how to do something yourself can be rewarding both financially and intrinsically. However choosing to do something yourself is not always the cheapest or best option.

Approaching the Do-It-Youself Option

Like social media or other aspects of marketing/business many folks out there think they can create and manage PPC campaigns themselves. Which they can, and yes it can save some money. Often these business owners do not have the background information and skills to get the most bang for their buck. While they may save some money on management fees they may lose out money in the future by lacking the knowledge to save money within a campaign. PPC pros know the secrets to save you money and structure your campaign to deliver the most bang for your buck. Many amatuers who attempt a PPC campaign don’t include the knitty gritty details of a campaign such as including negative match keywords, separating ad groups, geo targeting, or keyword research. Many business owners who attempt a do-it-yourself solution do not have the time to invest in creating efficient well-built campaigns. Adwords makes it very easy to spend money and receive a great deal of confusing analytics data.  Often business owners do not know which data to focus on and what results mean a positive return on investment. Frustration with this can lead to abandoning PPC as a legitimate form of getting loads of customers for fractions of traditional advertising budgets.

What a PPC Pro Can Do For You?

First and foremost is give you their knowledge. These ladies and gentlemen know how to research your industry, structure campaigns, write ads, and deliver quality traffic to your website. You may think to yourself why it would be better to have an outsider research your business when you know it so well. Sometimes it can help to have an external pair of eyes research what keywords users are actually using to find your products and services. It is surprising how often the keywords that draw the most traffic are completely different from what a business owner assumed. Rather than deal with assumptions a PPC pro will research and make decisions based on hard data.

Benefit of PPC Management Service

A PPC pro will also write effective ads that draws traffic to your site. There is a science behind what makes an effective ad which a pro applies to writing effective copy. Moreover, a pro knows what data to focus on to make effective campaign choices. After meeting with a PPC specialist goals and conversions are decided upon. After structuring campaigns to meet those goals they are able to highlight which goals are being met and showcase the important analytics data to you. You want to know where your money is being spent!

Final Thoughts

In the end how to go about your online marketing is up to you. Like many aspects of business choosing the proper professional assistance can help you accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner possible. Investing in professional Pay Per Click advertising can yield incredible results for your business.

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