The Stupid Simple Lead Gen Retargeting Sequence

If you’re looking for a basic way to start retargeting more effectively (not just sending ads to anyone who hits your website), there’s a basic 2-4 week sequence (depending on the length of your buy cycle — see this blog post to figure out more.) Although you can get really complicated with remarketing, this is a pretty good strategy to start off with, and you’ll probably see decent results.

Week 1: Remind Them

In this week you’re going to remind your customer of who you are, why they visited and what you can do for them. An effective strategy is to have a more “branding” style ad combined with your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). Remind your customer of who you are by having your colors + logo, as well as a headline or short description that tells them what you have to offer.

Week 2: Show Them

Picture of your product, it’s name, your logo, headline, and a call to action. If you’re an eCommerce company or selling a physical product then you can test out showing a picture of your product with a call to action that calls them to buy it.

Week 3: Motivate Them

If the person STILL hasn’t bought, you can start to get a bit more aggressive. Have a similar banner ad with your product image, but offer a promo code/discount if they take action right away. It will lead them to a landing page that has your product with the promo coe and money they’ll save clearly identified. For businesses who can’t give out discounts (for whatever reason — mabye you have a SaaS product and dont want to cheapen the image of your product) you could offer either a no-cc trial. trial, a $1 trial, or a longer trial period.

Week 4: Warn Them

By this point you’ve already captured 75% of the people that were going to buy. Here’s where you will pick up the other 25% of the other stragglers. After 3+ weeks, it becomes even less likely that your prospect is going to purchase the product. Here’s where you can really start to get aggressive. Offer a steep discount, an extra long trial period, 2×1 deals, a free gift or some other sort of bonus, anything that will make your offer a complete no-brainer for anyone who is interested. Again, if you can’t discount your price for whatever reason, offer some sort of other benefit that no one else might do. It could be a free strategy session, a physical book with best practices, exclusive training videos, etc.


This 4 week sequence takes a little bit more work than just sending all traffic from one ad to all segments, but you’re more likely to see better results from it, even if everything isn’t segmented out properly.

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